Hinata Akiyama


Hihara High Student Council President




17 years old


February 19


165 cm


66 kg

Blood Type




Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Hinata Akiyama(秋山日向, Akiyama Hinata) is the Student Council President of Hihara High which was once an all girls school, but turned into a co-ed five years ago. Not longafter that, great number of boys started studying at Hihara High and outnumbered the girls in Hihara High.


Hinata is kind, warm, caring, and sweet when it comes to girls. But to boys, she is cruel, cold, and mean. She hates guys because of her father but that all changed after Shinji Hirano died. She is a hard-working student and she finds a well-paying job to pay for their famiy's expenses. She is boyish and usally acts like a dictator specially around the boys.

Likes and DislikesEdit


  • Hihara High School
  • her family and friends
  • Shinji
  • Hihara High Students



When Hinata was only 3 years old, her real father died. Pushed to poverty, her mother, Hinako, was forced to get married again for the sake of their family. Hinata had a second father who she got close to. Not long after that, Hinata had a little sister, named Himeko, who is a very kind and mature-minded girl.

When Hinata was in Junior High, her second father left them and hid somewhere, leaving them to pay for all his debts leading her to have hatred for guys.

Hinata was one of the few people in Hihara High to be a president as a freshman. uring her second year of high shool, she met Shinji Hirano, a layback, annoying, popular, and mysterious guy.


Hinata is a very dedicated student of Hihara High and she studeis really hard


  • She actually looks like Shinji's mother.
  • She is the 23rd student council president of Hihara High, the 22nd was Osamo Takahashi.
  • Her name Hinata means "Sunny".
  • She is said to be the "Guardian Angel" of Hihara High because she saved Hihara High from destruction by the past president.
  • It is stated that Akanishi somehow likes her because she is like Rinjo.
  • She is the only person that Shinji is interested in.


  • (To herself)"Girls are different from one another the same way... Guys... vary in personality..."

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