Minori Kobayashi


Hihara High Book Club President




17 years old


April 8


165 cm


70 kg

Blood Type




Manga debut

Vol. 01 Chapter 01

Minori (小林みのり, Kobayashi Minori)is a 17-year-old President of the Hihara High Book Club. She is the 2nd child of her family.


Minori is a sweet, caring, and warm girl. She is girly and she is a lot like Raika Turinahara. She is a role model to her 2 younger brother and sister. She is usually reasonable and avoid showing other people her bad side, but when anyone hurts one of her friends, she just goes berserk and beats them up. Like what happened in chapter 3 when she suspected Mitsuru Shiradou and Chiyu Makino to be the ones who kidnapped Hinata, she beat them up instantly, thugh she somehow held back because she might accidentally kill the two of them. Her only love interest is Kazuki Seito, a famous actor that's almost the same as her age.


When Minori was young, she loved playing the piano together with her mother. She always have fun playing it until her mother became too busy with work so she hired a piano instructor. Minori's piano instructor is the kind that goes by the rules so she always lecture Minori the proper playing of the piano. Not long after that, Minori lost interest in the piano because of her instructor who always yells at her for playing the piano on her own way.

When she reached Middle School, she met Hinata and they became best friends. Then they decided to enter the same high school, Hihara High.


  • Her name means "beautiful harbor" or "village of beautiful fields".
  • She is one of the few characters that calls Hinata "Hina-chan", the other is Shinji Hirano.
  • She continued to love Kazuki Seito even after he hurt her feelings.
  • Minori's piano instructor is actually a strict person, like the teacher of the creator of the manga.


  • (To Hinata)"It really hurts... to love someone who doesn't love you back... but... I won't give up!"
  • (To Kazuki)"I... I don't care if you don't love me now... I can wait..."

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