Raika Turinahara


Hihara High Book Club Vice President




17 years old


August 30


162 cm


74 kg

Blood Type




Manga Debut

Vol. 01 Chapter 05

Raika(トゥリーナ原 ライカー, Turinahara Raika) is a sweet 17-year-old girl and is the best friend of Rinjo Annakusa. She is said to be the Vice President of the Book Club.


Raika is sweet, lady like, talented, smart, caring, and loves to play the violin. She is kind to everyone and she is a role model to her older sisters. Being the youngest of 4 girls, she isn't spoiled and seems to act more maturely than the rest of her older sisters.

Likes and DislikesEdit




When she was in kindergarten, she met Rinjo after fighting over a ball. Eventually, they became best friends even though they were opposites.

When the two of them reached Junior High, she met Amano who she later fell for. She didn't tell Rinjo because she knew how much Rinjo hates those two.

At her High School at Hihara High, she the again saw Amano and refused to accept the fact that she does love him and tried to forget him even though she can't. She, later, had to make a choice between her best friend or the person she loves the most.


  • She was name after the best friend of the creator of the series.
  • On first, she only felt sorry for Amano, because she wants Rinjo to be with Akanishi even though Amano loves Rinjo, but eventually, she had feelings for Amano.
  • Her name Raika means "gratitude".
  • She calls Rinjo as Rin-chan.
  • She calls Akanishi as Akanishi-kun.


  • (To Amano)"If you keep playing as the bad guy... then... no one will ever like you and no one will look after you...if that happens... What would happen to you?"
  • (To Amano)"Love is not about loving the perfect person... It's about loving and seeing an imperfect person perfectly..."

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