Rinjo Annakusa


Hihara High Kendo Club President




16 years old


September 10


165 cm


60 kg

Blood Type




Manga Debut

Vol. 01 Chapter 05

Rinjo(アンナク リンジョー, Annakusa Rinjo) is a 16-year-old President of Hihara High's Kendo Club and she was once classmates of Ryou Akanishi and Ryuichi Amano when the were in Middle School. She is also the best friend of Raika Turinahara.


Rinjo is intelligent, short-tempered, straight, and boyish. She hates guys for no clear reason. She is usually calm around other people. She helps others with no doubts even if the peson in need is a guy. Usually, guys would say that she's devilish, cold, and mean, but actually if they get to know her, she's very nice.


Rinjo is a normal-sized girl but appears small while around guys. She have black hair and worm brown eyes(the same with her mother, Rin Annakusa). She usually wears a purle hairpin but after volume 2, she rarely wears the hairpin. She wears her Hihara High uniforn properly while carrying her Shinai. Her style of clothing isn't that much complicated but elegant, just a simple blazer/jacket/coat, a sleeveless top, pants or mini skirt/long skirt, and boots. She is very stylish and elegant.


When Rinjo was in kindergarten, she met Raika. On first, Rinjo didn't think that Raika can possibly her friend because they were total opposites. That was before some guys surrounded the little Raika and tried to kidnap her in exchange of money from her wealthy father. Rinjo immediately helped her and protected her. She kicked a soccer ball at the kidnappers faces that drove them away and never bothered Raika ever again.

When they reached Middle School, Rinjo started showing her capacity and always became the first honor, but, She had a rival, Ryou Akanishi, who is always equal with her. Each time she wins a gold medal, he also wins a gold medal. Each year, Rinjo and Ryou share the first place in every contest and the honor roll. Then Ryou started getting tired of sharing first place with Rinjo, so he did humiliating things to her and destroyed her self-confidence. Soon afterwards, she cured Ryou from his other personality by hypnotism, though, she told Akanishi to forget about her curing him and to only wear his glasses each time unless he needed it from then on. During their graduation, Rinjo told Akanishi "I hate you!", But eventually, Akanishi figured out and remembered that it was actually Rinjo who cured him after he almost got crushed by a bulletin board that almost fell on him after she yelled, "Ryou-kun!".

When Rinjo entered High School(Hihara High), she didn't know that Akanishi and Amano also studies there. When she finally knew, she avoided Akanishi to prevent him from remembering who really cured him. But after Akanishi figured out that it was really her who cured him, he became more kind to her and eventually, he fell for Rinjo.


Shinji HiranoEdit

Shinji is Rinjo's half brother because they share the same father. She only uses the name, Annakusa, in honor of her mother. Shinji and Rinjo have a very good brother and sister relationship with one another. Even though they aren't whole brother and sister, they treat each other nicely and supportively.

Simon WaldenEdit

Simon isn't actually related to Rinjo, but they are both related to Shinji which makes them almost brother and sister. They aren't related by blood so Rinjo acts cold towards him and she always appear to have a murderous intent towards him. Even though they doesn't usually treat each other like a friends, they actually have a soft spot for each other(like a brother and sister have for each other).

Raika TurinaharaEdit

Raika is the best friend of Rinjo, they are often together and they share some common interests. Actually they are opposites, they tend to do things different from one another. They are total opposites, yet they became very good friends since they were little. Rinjo actually saved Raika from kidnappers when they were younger, leading them to be great friends forever.

Ryou AkanishiEdit

Back in Middle School, Rinjo and Akanishi are rivals in everything. The both have different opinions about things and they both have different view of things. Rinjo is really nice to Akanishi even though she's not straightly nice to him. She even rid of Kyou from Akanishi's body and sets him free. When they reached High School, Akanishi an Rinjo had stronger bond with one another and later fell for each other.

Ryuichi AmanoEdit

It is said that Amano once loved Rinjo but eventually gave up on her because he knew that Rinjo somehow loves Akanishi. But even though he was heart broken, Rinjo innocently cheered him up by telling him good advices. After that, Amano got contented in being just Rinjo's friend.

Rin Annakusa and Shinichi HiranoEdit

They are both Rinjo's parents who died when she was young. Rin and Rinjo share a very good relationship with one another, while her father barely have time to talk with her leading her to have a grudge against her own father.


Rinjo is very intelligent and a quick thinker. She usually holds her Shinai and brings it almost everywhere she goes, showing how much she loves Kendo. Rinjo have the abilty to read people's minds and feelings. She excells in all sports and everything else.


  • Her name Rinjo means "my bell". It came from 2 japanese words: 鈴(Rin), which means bell and 杖(Jo) that means mine.
  • Rinjo and Hinata are alike because the both hate guys and they are boyish.
  • Rinjo usally blushes because it's actually part of what she inherited from her mother.
  • She is now in the second year of high school because she was allowed to skip grades because she's smart.
  • No one knows how she removed Akanishi's other personality
  • Rinjo may eventually have romantic feelings at Ryou Akanishi.
  • Rinjo and Ryuichi are the only two persons that calls Akanishi by his name, except, she calls him Ryou-kun instead of calling him Ryou.
  • She and Akanishi seems to be very close, Akanishi just have a wierd way of showing her that he cares.
  • She is named after the creator of the manga at the same time, she looks like the creator.


  • (To Raika)"Sometimes... the person you hated the most... is actually the one who's always there when you need someone..."
  • (To Raika)"Walking in the dark with a friend is better than walking alone in the night..."
  • (To herself)"Never fear shadows... They simply mean that there's light shining nearby..."

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