Ryou Akanishi


Hihara High Kendo Club Vice President




18 years old


August 1


170 cm


70 kg

Blood Type




Manga Debut

Vol. 01 Chapter 03

Ryou(赤西リョウ, Akanishi Ryou)is a 18-year-old senior at Hihara High and is the Student Council President Candidate on the Precidential Election.


Ryou actually have two personalities back when he was in Middle School. If he is wearing glasses, he was kind, intelligent, and admirable gentleman, but, if he removes his glasses, he becomes immature, noisy, annoying, misbehaved, and mischievous. Ryou is a typical and complicated guy. He is very intelligent and analyzes situations thoroughly. He hates women because of his mother. He is usually quiet and calm. He feels jealous of Rinjo because they are always equal and she always do things easily while he studies all night just to get a perfect score in a test and pushes his capacity to the limits just to beat her even though he can't.

Likes and DislikesEdit




When he was young, he had no other choice but to live at his cousin's house, Raika, because of poverty.

When he was in Junior High, he met Rinjo Annakusa who became his rival and soon, he started to hate her because she was so smart and she can beat him at everything if she only put effort on beating him. He did everything just to beat her but he can't, which eventually lead him to do horrible things to her. Even after that, Rinjo still just never minds everything he does to her, she even removed his other personality thru hypnotism. During their graduation Rinjo told Akanishi "I hate you!", But eventually, Akanishi figured out and remembered that it was actually Rinjo who cured him after he almost got crushed by a bulletin board that almost fell on him after she yelled, "Ryou-kun!".

When he was already in high school he didn't knew that his childhood friend, Ryuichi, and Rinjo also studied there. When he finally noticed that she was studying there, he knew that there was no way she could forgive him, so he became a good guy just to get closer to her. After he knew that it was actually Rinjo who cured him, he became kind and caring to her, which eventually lead for him to fall for her.


  • His name Ryou refers to a gold piece in pre-Meiji era Japan worth about sixty monme or four kan.
  • He have romantic feelings for Rinjo Annakusa.
  • He stated that he liked Akiyama because she is like Rinjo.
  • It is possible that when he was in Junior High, he went back a grade even though he was a straight A student either because of Rinjo or Ryuichi.
  • He wasn't mad at Rinjo, he was actually jealous of her.
  • He can't take seeing Rinjo cry.
  • He's not actually mad of women, he's scared to disappoint them.
  • Amano stated that he can just see him actually smile from his heart when he is with Rinjo.
  • His personality is like the person the creator of the manga hated the most.


  • (To Rinjo)'"I've always worked so hard on beating you even though I can't. You do things effortlessly, while I push myself to the limits... That's why... I admire you so much..."
  • (To Rinjo)'"Even if you don't show up as I wait... I'll go to you now..."

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