Ryuichi Amano


Hihara High Book Club Member, The Black Devil




17 years old


July 30


170 cm


69 kg



Blood Type


Manga Debut

Vol. 01 Chapter 01

Ryuichi (天 野龍一, Amano Ryuichi) is a 17-year-old High School student of Hihara High. He came from a wealthy family and she is the boss at the cafe where Hinata works part time.


Ryuichi is kind and caring but he was once a delinquet. He is a childhood friend of Ryou Akanishi and they share some personalities.

Likes and DislikesEdit




When Ryuichi was in kindergarten, he met Akanishi and they became good friends. They became bullies and they mess with everyone who gets on their way.

When he was in Junior high, he noticed that Akanishi was starting to be competetive towards Rinjo. He noticed that Akanishi usually smiles while messing with Rinjo, which was very unusual. It led him to think that Akanishi must have some feelings for her but they never talk about it.

When he entered high school he never thought that Rinjo would be studying there as well. When he fist saw Rinjo at the Hirano's mansion, he was surprised.


  • His name Ryuichi means "the first son of Ryu". Coincidentally, his father's name is Ryu and he was his first child.
  • He understands people well.
  • He and Rinjo are the only people who call Akanishi by his name, Ryou.
  • He knows that Akanishi have feelings for Rinjo.
  • He might have feelings for Hinata.
  • He have reasons why he accepted Raika to be his girlfriend.
  • His last name Amano was after Akira Amano, the creator of the manga's idol.
  • He was the creator's best friend's favorite character.


  • (To Akanishi)"The first person to ever make you smile like that... was actually... the person... you and I loved the most..."
  • (To Hinata)"The strength that you always show... and the courage you have... that's what made you to be the best..."

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