Shinji Hirano






17 years old


November 16


180 cm


70 kg

Blood Type




Manga Debut

Vol. 01 Chapter 01

Shinji Hirano(平野伸二, Hirano Shinji) is a 17-year-old student of Hihara High who died because of a plane crash. His soul landed Hinata's body and became part of her life.


Shinji is popular in his school specially among the girls. Many girls admire him but he isn't interested in anyone, except for Hinata. He is caring, calm, intelligent, and gentle to his family specially to Rinjo, his half sister.


Shinji have green eyes and caramel-colored hair. He is tall and have a halo. He wears a green sweater and blue pants. He actually looks like his half brother Simon Walden.


During Shinji's youth his father loved him so much and he gave him everything he needs. His mother died after giving birth to him so he never had a mother and his father also died when he was very young. His father told Shinji abou his half sister and that he should take care of her. When rinjo was born, her mother also died after giving birth to her so Shinichi took care of her with Shinji. His aunt and uncle took care of him and his half sister and they lived in a really huge mansion. Shinji's aunt and uncle were prestigous and wealthy people leading him to be engaged with Misato Honoka.


  • His name means "truth" or "faithful second son".
  • He never liked Misato.
  • Rinjo is his most important family member.


  • (To Hinata)'"How do you think I ended up in your body? It must mean that our souls were somehow connected by that red string... "
  • (To Hinata)"You're strong, but you have to admit that there will be times that you'll be weak... and when that time comes... I will always be there to be your strength..."

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